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Shopzeus USA zeusd1-COST-6451358 Food For Health Emergency Food Supply Instant White Rice 112 Servings- 20 Year Self Life

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Basic preparation is essential to your familys survival in an emergency or natural disaster.nbsp; This bucket contains 112 servings of instant rice and will help you to be ready.nbsp; We provide 14 individual eight-serving pouches in each bucket.nbsp; This provides maximum shelf life from the first serving to the last.nbsp; With a shelf life of up-to 20 years for each individual pouch, you dont need to worry about opening the bucket and having to use the product all at once.nbsp; The bucket itself provides added protection, easy storage and portability  - and wont  reduce the shelf-life of the individual pouches when opened.nbsp;  This rice can provide the proper nutrition needed when emergencies arise.nbsp; Rice can be added to any meal to for additional calories.nbsp; This bucket will be the perfect addition to any pantry or emergency food supply.

  • 20 year shelf life
  • Packaged in convenient 8 serving foil pouches
  • 112 servings (14 individual pouches)
  • Instant and Enriched
  • Ready to eat in less than 6 minutes
  • Stored in an air tight 5 gallon pail for added protection and storage

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