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Shopzeus USA zeusd1-EPST-1455668 Aragamilk Liquid Aragonite 16oz

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00521 (16 oz)

aragaMILKTM from CaribSea

The 1 Part 2 Part&&&

In closed systems, carbonate is consumed both as a buffer to neutralize

organic acids, and combines with calcium for coral and coralline algae growth& The aragonite in aragaMILKTM supplies calcium and other major and minor trace elements plus time release carbonate ions in a safe balanced form& Now Improved Formula aragaMILKTM also contains an additional bicarbonate buffer to meet the immediate buffering demands of excess organic acids& aragaMILKTM is a great way to safely push normal seawater values of calcium and

alkalinity to accelerate coral and coralline algae growth&

The perfect alkalinity booster because&&&

aragaMILKTM has a full pound of buffer in every 16 fluid ounce bottle& This buffer comes in two forms: a bicarbonate for immediate response, plus carbonate from aragonite& This second form makes for a safer, timerelease buffer, over 23 days, for long term security without the wild pH swings that can stress

your tank inhabitants&

The perfect calcium supplement because&&&

aragaMILKTM has enough calcium in each 16 fluid ounce bottle to grow a full 12 pound of coral& All this calcium in a noncaustic aragonite form& With regular use, aragaMILKTM will help you maintain steady, high calcium levels with ease& No premixing, no balancing act&

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