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Flavia LAV48027 English Breakfast Black Tea Freshpack - 100 per Case

MSRP: $95.71
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SKU: SSN108676
Manufacturer: Flavia

English Breakfast offers a robust, full-bodied flavor with notes of caramelized sugar and malt. At the center of this blend are aromatic and brisk black teas from North Africa that provide a bright flavor. Teas from the Assam river valley in North Eastern India provide a strong, malty flavor and balanced astringency. This tea is strong enough to stand up to milk and sugar, but flavorful enough to be enjoyed without. Tea comes in convenient Freshpacks. Each Freshpack contains the exact amount to brew a perfect single cup of tea and acts as the brew chamber for your drink so your cup never tastes like the last beverage that was brewed. Freshpacks are used in Flavia Creation 150, Creation 200 and Creation 500 Simply slip the pouch into the pack door, and the machine pierces the pack seal to create your delicious beverage. More than 30 percent of this coffee originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

  • English Breakfast Black Tea Freshpack
  • Robust and full-bodied with notes of caramelized sugar and malt
  • Compatible with all Flavia single-serve brewers
  • With Flavia pack-to-cup brewing, nothing touches the ingredients other than hot water, ensuring your drink does not taste like previous brews
  • Single-serve Freshpacks stay completely sealed until the moment brewed, eliminating exposure to light, air and germs
  • Innovative pouches recyclable through Terracycle thanks to Flavia commitment to sustainability
  • 100 per Case
  • Serve Type: Freshpack
  • Tea Type: Black Tea
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